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[A]sked by stilesistilinski: Alpha!Derek Hale or Beta!Derek Hale

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#teen wolf #sterek #stiles stilinski #derek hale

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and there’s always room in the tum tum for my newest obsession, cronuts.

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trulybliss inquired:

Can I ask for more the pack pushes stiles away or just generally under appreciated Stiles fic please~


check out stiles leaving beacon hills tag

If I Could Trade Mistakes For Sheep, Count Me Away Before You Sleep by alisaj (1/1 | 33,383 | Rated E)

"Thing is, Stiles," Derek says, his voice hard and unfaltering. "I didn’t sign up for you. You just hung around until we got used to you being here."

That stings. He hadn’t realised how Derek feels about him. They’ve been getting on quite well, teaming up on little missions and bantering back and forth without malice. Stiles sometimes lets Derek crash in his room after a big fight, trying not to let on how intriguing he finds the werewolf.

"Well now we can get used to you not being here. You’re a liability, Stilinski. You can’t protect yourself and we always end up having to help you when we’ve got more important things to do. You’re out of the pack."


The one where Derek is a terrible Alpha and Stiles ends up walking into a big pile of shit.

Your Words Are Robbery by  (1/1 | 12,127 | NC-17)

When Stiles is dragged back to Beacon Hills, he has to face everything he left behind.

Stick Around by  (1/1 | 9,246 | NC-17)

Stiles and Derek are always arguing about stupid silly things, but it gets worse every time Stiles gets hurt.


The first time that Derek admits that he loves Stiles. Will Stiles ever admit that he loves him back?

Do Not Test Me by  (13/? | 50,324 | R)

When Derek told him he wasn’t Pack because he was human, he didn’t even try and bring Allison into it, who was in fact a human but also a huntress. A very dangerous one. She was also Scott’s girlfriend, therefore Pack by association. His connection was too Scott and evidently, being just a best friend wasn’t concrete enough to be brought into the fold.

#teen wolf #teen wolf fic #sterek #stiles stilinski #derek hale

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alphavenger asked: derek hale or isaac lahey

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#glee 5x16 #otp: Prince Warbler and his Teenage Dream

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